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Bingo games haven't changed much in the last years. The main difference comes from the fact that more and more people prefer to play online. Web bingo is actually even funnier than 'real one'. The question of what is real and what is not in our virtualizing world is a different matter. The important thing is we can all have enjoyment, excitement and, generally speaking, a good time at the online bingo halls. 75- and 90-ball games, of course, are the most enticing powers that make us visit online bingo sites. There are plenty of side activities that attract us as well, but let's focus on the essence for now. Playing those online bingo games is an adventure in itself and everybody, no matter whether a casual or a devoted player, hopes to win big. Not long ago, a beautiful £134,000 online bingo jackpot was won by an absolutely ordinary housewife from Plymouth. Our team has compared all online bingo games, we have ranked the sites according to the biggest jackpots.

Besides the traditional 75- and 90-ball games we spoke about, most bingo sites (definitely all present here) offer online slots, too. Actually, the biggest ever jackpot at a web bingo was won on one of those. The sum lucky John O. from Sutton cashed in? Make sure you are sitting down. £5,883,044.43! We are not kidding, google it if you like. And do you know the most shocking part? The lad won that life-changing jackpot just a few days after he made his registration at the site, and he did it on a 30p spin! Jesus!

Frankly, those dream jackpots are hit very, very rarely. By playing bingo online you can get much richer experience than just hoping for the big win. We are huge fans of the chat games every notable bingo site provides. They are fun and socialising, you can win some additional prizes while communicating with fellow players and chat hosts. It's so sweet to meet new friends and play bingo for money at the same time.

Other Bingo Games to Play Online

At the major bingo sites you can play various side games. Scratch cards are among the most popular. The good thing about online scratch cards is that the odds to purchase a winning card are higher compared to those for the ones you buy at a shop or a booth. The reason is regular physical scratch cards cost money to be produced and distributed, in addition to that there is a certain margin for the resellers. Basically one third of all online scratch cards are winning. (We are talking about those issued by decent companies, such as the ones presented on this page). Jackpots reach £1,000,000, so if you are keen on this type of gaming, you can pursue your hope of winning a fortune that way. If you are not used to scratch cards or if it's simply not your thing, you will probably like games like Deal or No Deal. Ever trendy, the game is loved by people of all ages. Try it if you haven't done so yet.

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Every site can offer 90- and 75-ball bingo but there are not a lot of them that can attract customers with rare or even site-specific games. Fortunately for you, we h can suggest you try 2 great sites – Mecca and Gala. You can see in the table that their bonuses are already a good reason to start play online bingo. Both sites have included Deal or No Deal Bingo, Gala also have Lucky Numbers and Mecca have Joker Jackpot. So far so good, these are all very rare to find. But what is truly great about those 2 operators is that they have branded games which means you can find them only on their sites. The all time Brit fave Coronation Street bingo can be found at Gala together with 2 more exclusive rooms – the TV-show based Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and the exotic 50-ball game Cocunut Island. Mecca's games portfolio includes Britain's Got Talent, the club favourite Cashline and Snakes and Ladders.

Benefits for Those Who Play Bingo Online Regularly

The first benefit is obvious. The more you play, the bigger your winning chances are. The second benefit is bingo sites' loyalty programmes. Many people underestimate the privileges those give. We made an effort to structure the most common advantages with which our beloved bingo sites spoil us. We made an effort to structure the most common advantages, here are they.

Enjoy a wide range of bingo games at our featured bingo sitesMmm. Sounds like a real Dolce Vita. Well, even if we don't get to such glamorous life-style, we can at least benefit from regular playing by hanging out with our bingo friends and share gossip, chit-chat, or discuss all things girls love. It's no surprise that playing online bingo is becoming one of the most popular recreational activities for UK women. Enjoy it, ladies. It's all about us!