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Bingo goes mobile - how the sites evolved and stand today

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Over a third of all online bingo enthusiasts prefer to play on their mobiles or tablets. Nowadays our mobile devices have the full functionality our PC's had just a couple of years ago. An interesting survey shows that the iPhone 5 processor is more powerful than that of the computers used by NASA two decades ago. Anyways, the point is that you can play online bingo on your smartphone. As a bingo informational site we are doing our best to provide our readers with the most accurate data. We have checked the mobile sites of all leading bingo operators thoroughly. Here are the best.

Thinking of situations in which we all prefer to play bingo on our smart phones, the first one to pop up is: when we are on the go. You can always enjoy some bingo action when travelling, waiting for the bus or having a coffee break. As you probably know, you can purchase tickets (which takes only a few seconds) and later check if you got lucky. Even if you don't follow the whole game, in case you have completed a line or a bingo, the winnings will be transferred to your account no matter if you are online, or not. In a recent poll we asked our readers when they liked to play at mobile bingo sites. Besides the obvious answer that they enjoyed it when out of home, many answered that they played while commercials were on tv. We totally understand that. Isn't it fun to watch your favourite series and when washing powders and insurances show on screen, switch to some bingo? The third most common reason for choosing mobile bingo playing is the discretion it gives. If you use a shared computer at home, in the office or elsewhere, your activity could be traced easily. If you play on your personal mobile, on the other hand, only you will know all details.

How to Spot the Best Mobile Bingo Apps and Sites?

We have tested the mobile applications of all bingos presented here. After hours of observations, we didn't find any software malfunctions or other errors. The mobile phone bingo sites listed above are not the only perfectly working ones, of course. The reason they are on our list is A) they are technically proven and B) they provide the best welcome bonuses on the Internet. As for the apps, you are maybe aware that there are two main types. One is web apps, which are pretty much every application software run in a web browser and the other type is the classical downloadable apps you can find in the App Store, for instance. So basically, you have two options: to play in the browser or to start your bingo game from the pre-loaded application. There is no difference. You will get the bingo experience you are used to in both cases. Things here probably got unnecessarily complicated... In résumé: Just find a reputable bingo operator (we strongly advise you to choose one from our short list). The rest is a piece of cake.

Best Mobile Bingo Sites

Which Bingo Sites Can I Run On My Mobile Phone?

See which are the best bingo appsIf you play at any of the bingo sites we recommend, you will have no trouble whatever your mobile device is. Just click on the site you have chosen. If you are reading this on your smart phone or tablet, you will be smoothly redirected to the mobile version of the bingo hall you want to join. Once you land on their website, you only have to press the REGISTER button at the top-right corner of the screen. Don't forget to use the promo codes you see on this page, as some of them are exclusive to our readers and will get you the biggest welcome bonuses available! We wish you a pleasant trip in the always fascinating bingo world!

Back to our top listed operators,our best picks from the best mobile bingo sites - Costa and Foxy offer a mobile page, or the so called web app that is compatible with virtually any device. Gala and Mecca have developed native mobile apps both for Android and iOS in addition to their mobile pages. Just remember to make a registration on your PC first if you decide to download the app. You can also register on your tablet or smartphone, but to activate the full amount of the bonus we strongly recommend signing up on the desktop version first. You probably know that you will not find the Android apps on Google Play because the current Developer Programme does not allow gambling apps. We would say that's a shame, but have no worries Mecca and Gala have special pages where you can download the app.

P.S. Something important we almost forgot - by using your mobile to play bingo, you can also participate in the chat games, where you can find many new friends while winning. If you are not that experienced in 'Chat lingo', you can easily learn the most used abbreviations and bingo slang words. Check out the community page of your operator (fully accessible on your mobile just as everything else) and become part of the merry and cheerful atmosphere ...

... Well, that was all, folks. Enjoy!